3D Video-Mapping is the umbrella term for sound-supported video projections presented as events that last for several minutes or as installations. No matter whether buildings implode or objects, whose inner life is visualised, are turned transparent – there is no limit to the range of applications at events or product presentations. In combination with harmoniously complimenting music and sounds, light shows, Special FX or actual actors, fascinating illusions can be created, and memorable events are guaranteed.

Range of applications:



Official openings of buildings or premises as well as celebrations at a public space turn into impressive shows and create long-lasting memories.


Projecting 3D mappings onto products allows the visualisation of characteristics, numbers and facts in a comprehendible and gripping way. Product presentations, exhibitions and showrooms are put together stunningly – indoors as well as outdoors.


3D mappings add the crucial emotional extra to your congresses, companies’ anniversaries, gala performances, incentives, theatre plays and similar events. Lasting memories are thus created that will long be talked about in the future.

Furthermore, 3DMapping.at by Media Apparat offers tailor-made solutions for almost any area of application. Individual special requirements are welcome and realisable for both indoor and outdoor areas. Even if no solution exists yet, we will find one.

Special solution 3D mapping: A1 TV commercial: